How easy and productive the new feature of upload smartphone to add receipt automatically to the QuickBooks Online. This is how it works.

Open the QuickBooks App in your smart phone.

Press the cross arrow and select RECEIPT CAPTURE

The phone will ask permission to open your camera. Enter yes and capture an image of your receipt.

After image is taken select ACCEPT .

You or your college to QuickBooks Online from your computer online.

Under the main dashboard go to BANKING then select RECEIPTS

RECEIPTS BENUES under Banking in Dashboard

Choose on of the receipts and start doing the bookkeeping!!

Choose the receipt and enter the Bank or credit card used

Sample Raceipt
Sample Receipt image and of receipts loaded to cloud

and a good practice… Always write a note under the memo. IT is good booking practice

Mem on REceipt
Memo on the Receipt description

You may include here the provider reverence ID if different from the transaction reference number. From here you may choose to just save the information and allow the bookkeeper do the entrée at a latter time.